No stranger to the aesthetics of Burlesque, Christina Aguilera is starring in a new film entitled simply, Burlesque. Alongside Aguilera the film also features Cher and Stanley Tucci and comes from director Steven Antin.

The first time I heard about this project it was when Diablo Cody (former stripper and now famed screenwriter) was connected to the project.

At the time I thought it sounded like it had promise and I had already decided that whoever ended up helming the project would hopefully cast Dita Von Teese in the starring role, securing at least my cinema ticket. Sadly Miss Von Teese is not the lead and Diablo Cody is apparently no longer involved, her name no longer attached to the script.

I can’t say a lot about this project excites me; a relatively untested director, a pop star turned actress and Cher. None of this instills me with confidence. Check out the photos below and see what you think of the look of the film.

Source: USA Today and SlashFilm