I told you in the Nike commercial post that I put up a couple of weeks ago that we were going to start seeing loads of amazing World Cup adverts / commercials coming and here is another one that blew me away.

Incase you don’t already know (how could you not!?), The World Cup begins in South Africa this coming Friday 11th, June and 32 of the best footballing nations in the world will descend on the country for the first time the World Cup has been hosted in Africa. According to Reuters, the last World Cup hosted by Germany in 2006, had an audience total of 26.3 billion with the show broadcasting in a total of 214 countries and territories. They go onto say they think the totals for this world cup will be a similar number.

With the second biggest TV audience after the Summer Olympics, it’s no wonder that marketing budgets soar for one of the greatest prizes in sport. The latest advert that I’ve come across has been made by M&C Saachi –  Australia and features the Australian National Football Team at a ‘Secret Training Camp’ for Optus. The difference in this camp is that they’re playing against animals native to South Africa (except for a few little intruders at the end!).

The commercial was helmed by French director, Thierry Poiraud produced by Paranoid US / The Feds, Australia. It really is a great an captivating advert from the clever minds at M&C Saachi.

Here’s the info from the ParanoidUS accompanying the commercial including information on how it was shot:

‘Secret Training Camp’, directed by Paranoid US’s Thierry Poiraud, brings some serious wildlife to the playing field. The spot, via M&C Saatchi, is a dramatic concept featuring the Australian national soccer team and African animals. Everyone on the shoot would agree, the production was a feature film. Period. Animals were shot in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, on location . From there the crew went to Australia to shoot the athletes in a studio, and finished with post at BUF in Paris, France. Post-production was a two month full-scale effort. With animals, a night time setting, a child actor and soccer celebrities, it was no easy feat to get the final result.

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Have a look at this one embedded below and then click here to view the Nike advert that’s been on prime time TV at every opportunity. Let us know which is your favourite in the comments section below.