We usually keep our feet firmly in the cinema here on HeyUGuys but every now and then we’ll see something on the small screen which we enjoy and want to share.

Gone are the days when soft focus and a catchy jingle were all you needed to get people interested in your advert, now things are very different. What you need is something punchy, outrageous, hopefully funny and visually extravagant. With that in mind take a look at this…

RB have come up with a great advert to raise a smile and boost awareness for the company. Like they say you may not have heard of them, but you know the work they do. It starts off quite normally until a number of products are shown, voiceover man starts to pick up a bit of pace and then everything goes crazy.

This video is a very tongue-in-cheek introduction to them, their work and their products.

Here’s the video,

Wasn’t that fun? A logistical nightmare for sure, but at no time do you ever know where’s it going. Find out more on their website, follow them on Twitter and Facebook and watch more of their videos on Youtube.

This post was sponsored by RB.