In the western world, gambling themes have appeared in many movies and tv series, from Vegas Vacation to Let it Ride, The Cooler and Ocean’s Eleven. These themes usually appear in drama or comedy genres and have proven to be very popular.

However, in other cultures where gambling is more of a taboo topic, the idea of gambling appearing in a tv series or movie is rare. That is until the recent Japanese manga series, Kakegurui appeared on Netflix. With gambling themes being particularly rare for this genre, the series has sparked a lot of interest in Japanese anime, while driving an interest in poker.

Anime and Japanese Manga are themes used in the gambling industry, with various slot games being based upon the anime genre. JackpotCity online casino offers a wide range of themed slot games for players to choose from, all which are easily accessible on mobile devices. With the use of anime and manga for gambling themes, and Japanese manga shows incorporating gambling, it seems many cultures are now softening their attitudes towards gambling.

Below, we’ll take a look further at what the Kakegurui is all about!

The plot

Kakegurui anime netflix 1Kakegurui is set at a Hyakkaou Private Academy’; one of Japan’s most prestigious schools. However, unlike traditional social hierarchical systems of teenagers in Japan, this school is ruled by an elite crown who battle for dominance through poker.

The elite poker playing crowd are fueled by the adrenaline inducing environment that brings with it the risks of losing it all. But when newcomer, Yumeko Jabami, joins the school, the hierarchy is overthrown. As the show’s protagonist, Jabami is portrayed as a beautiful and sweet transfer student.

Once watchers begin to get to know Jabami, it is revealed that she is hiding a psychotic addiction to gambling where she is set on overthrowing the elaborate cheating methods of the other students. Through a series of high stakes poker games, Jabami threatens to overthrow the twisted hierarchy of the school.

Gambling in anime

Kakegurui anime netflixWhile it is not a completely unique concept as other Japanese anime shows have incorporated gambling before, the take on this show is what makes it stand out. Other Japanese anime shows that have included gambling themes include One Outs, Liar Game, Akagi, Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor, Megalo Box, No Game No Life, Death Note and Code Geass.

However, unlike these shows, Kakegurui takes a unique approach to covering the thrills associated with the game. There is emphasis on the amount of risk involved, as well as the glamour and status associated with poker which has led many viewers to investigate poker for themselves.

Fans of the show can visit an online casino to try out a game of poker for themselves. Unlike the show, online casinos have effective controls in place that help people to manage impulse decisions or raise the stakes to high with effective budget controls.

What are viewers saying

Reviews have been mainly positive so far, with some viewers commenting the show is the epitome of good animation, but with some ‘trashy’ themes. Viewers have also commented on how the narrator takes the time to explain how each poker game is played, making it ideal for those with a keen interest in learning what is going on and what the poker rules are.

For poker fans, it’s definitely worth giving the show a try.