If you’re looking for an animated return to Oz to counteract the Sam Raimi prequel project then look no further as a new picture for Dorothy of Oz has been released showing off the title character.

It’s only a small picture, but it continues the excellent work we’ve seen so far from the film, and there’s more fun to be had with the previously seen concept art, poster and character designs. Lea Michele has been plucked from her Gleedom to lend her voice to Dorothy Gale in Summertime Entertainment’s film, which is set just after the events of The Wizard of Oz with a tornado wrecked Kansas and a sudden trip back to Oz to meet up with her new friends.

There’s no denying that the artwork looks gorgeous and the rest of the cast, which includes Dan Akroyd, Kelsey Grammer and Patrick Stewart, promises something pretty spectacular. Here’s hoping Toto falls under a house in the first few minutes.

Here’s the pic, which was over at MTV first.