Patrick Wilson, star of box-office hit Insidious is reuniting with director James Wan for a deja-vu heavy second go at those pesky demons. Egged on by the promise of more delicious money, those ardent fans of cash New Line have reunited  the pair to deliver pretty much the same again by the sound of things in The Conjuring.

This time round though beleaguered demon magnet Wilson and new addition Vera Farmiga are demonologists. Which is lucky, what with all of the demons:

A family encounters demons living among them in their New England farmhouse.

With a script from House of Wax writers Chad and Carey Haynes the film is based upon a real life account (I’m sure to the same extent that Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was) of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and their visit to a family in the 70’s. Noted for their involvement in the obviously spurious Amityville Horror ‘incident’ (which conventional wisdom has it involved a lot of wine) the couple have bravely fought with ghosts, werewolf demons and gained unprecedented recordings of ‘knocking and rapping caused by a demon’, all of which sounds iron clad to me.

No doubt buoyed by the financial success of Insidious Wan was previously signed up to do a liopic (a biopic for the factually challenged for the facetious amongst you) of the couple but has instead settled on a specific case. It’s the old house + mostly invisible monster = money formula that Hollywood is raking over at a rate of knots currently. Even so, they’re always good for a few scares and Wilson and Farmiga are always good value so label me mildly  interested if a little sceptical.

Source: The Playlist