I anticipate a new film from the Wachowskis like I look forward to taking LSD while on a Christmas morning roller coaster ride with the cast of Last of the Summer Wine. I know it’ll be enormous fun but I’m a little worried about the fallout. You see, The Matrix is, inexplicably still, casting a dark green shadow over the subsequent filmography of the directing siblings yet they continue to produce work which may not be the game-changer that The Matrix was, but is still vastly entertaining.

So we come to Jupiter Ascending, with has a new trailer today.

The visuals on show so far are something special, but we’ve come to expect that of the Wachowskis – perhaps a plot involving a young girl being targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe might offer something beyond the usual blockbuster fare.

We have until the 6th of February 2015 to wait in fevered anticipation.

Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and Eddie Redmayne are looking good in the new trailer, check it out below.

UPDATED: Here’s the new poster too, don’t say we never spoil you…

Jupiter Ascending poster