Channing Tatum has been set to star in the upcoming true crime feature from Oscar nominee Derek Cianfrance ‘Roofman.’

The feature is based on the incredible story of Jeffrey Manchester, an eccentric and charming serial robber who carried out break-ins at over 60 McDonald’s restaurants overnight by accessing them through their roofs. The following morning, he would empty the cash register after herding the staff into the freezers. Despite his criminal activity, the former U.S. Army Reserve officer was known for his gentle demeanour and rarely resorted to violence. He was given the nicknames ‘Rooftop Robber’ or ‘Roofman.’

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In the year 2000, he was convicted and sent to prison. However, he managed to escape and remained at large for several months by hiding in a Toys ‘R Us and Circuit City store located in North Carolina. During his stay, he survived on baby food and rode bicycles for exercise within the toy store. Unfortunately, he left his fingerprints on a DVD of the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’ in the electronics store which led to his recapture. The upcoming movie will depict Manchester’s long and eventful journey on the run.

The script for the upcoming project is written by Derek Cianfrance and Kirt Gunn. The movie will be produced by Dylan Sellers and Chris Parker through their production company, Limelight. Jamie Patricof from Hunting Lane and Lynette Howell Taylor from 51 Entertainment, who are longtime collaborators of Cianfrance, will also be producing the film. Limelight has developed the project and will be fully financing it.