With just under two months until Water for Elephants cascades into the multiplexes, sating two different audiences (fans of actors Pattinson and Waltz respectively) you can expect the marketing onslaught to continue.

Based on Sara Gruen’s novel the film tells the story of a circus based love triangle with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon making a cute couple, which is fine unless you’re circus big top Christoph Waltz, who is Witherspoon’s husband in the film.

While the odd title and the fact that Pattinson still to prove himself as a lead away from Twilight, these trailers do a damn fine job of selling the film to me. There’s definitely something about Christoph Waltz and I’m hoping the film makes the most of the man.

Here’s the trailer, which focuses on Robert Pattinson’s character. New stills are below,