Natalie Portman’s Oscar win last week was widely expected though no less deserved. Her turn in Black Swan was a high point for the actress whose other recent role in sex buddy comedy No Strings Attached is a perfect example of the other side of the Portman coin.

I’m hoping that her forthcoming role in Don Roos’ The Other Woman, or Love and Other Impossible Things to give it the international title this poster has on it, is closer to the more serious side as that is undoubtedly where she does her best work.

Portman leads The Other Woman which also stars Lauren Ambrose, Lisa Kudrow, Scott Cohen, Charlie Tahan, Kendra Kassebaum, Daisy Tahan, Anthony Rapp and is directed by Don Roos. Trailers and previous posters can be found here.


IMPA. Gotta Love them.