HBO were at the latest Apple Event to show off their new iOS-friendly wares this afternoon, and in doing so they released the latest look at the jewel in their crown, yes friends we have a new look at Game of Thrones Season 5.

We’ve seen some of the footage before, but there are moments completely new, and open up the world a little for eager fans of the show. Jonathan Pryce is perhaps the most high profile new cast member and gets his moment here, but almost all of your favourite characters are present and correct.

This is the season most interesting to those who have read the books, as some storylines are already caught up in the show, and some are diverging heavily from their written roots. Characters are sure to die, and HBO are playing heavily on the shock factor. As book-readers know – there are some very interesting events to come…

Here’s the trailer,



And here’s Sophie Turner talking late last year about her character’s progression in Season 5.