If you don’t know what Friends With Kids is all about, check out this link for all you need to know. Are you back? Okay. The latest comedy featuring all those actors and actresses you’ve seen in loads of other comedies over the past few years will seemingly seek to portray and dissect the current state of play for parents in the US, with the slightly cynical (though for some realistic?) suggestion on this latest poster that you can’t have love, happiness and kids and that one of the three will have to go. Honestly, when did we all get so jaded?

Anyway, this is not a post about parenting, contentment, and having satisfaction in life, it’s a post about a new poster, so let’s talk about that. As you can see below, it’s another one of those “look who is in it” efforts, just without bothering to assemble them all at the same time for the photo-shoot. Just cobble them all together using photo-shop and stick the result up online. It’s clumsy and cheap (something that hopefully won’t be able to be said of the film) and no one seems to want to look anyone else in the eye. They all just look off into the middle distance in a slightly endearing or ambiguous way.

Ho Hum. Not every poster can be a work of art I suppose. IMP have this one.

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