I can’t work this one out. At first and second glances you can almost feel the Twilight bandwagon creaking under the weight of yet another film jumping on, with the mixture of supernatural creeps and the unnaturally pretty people not surprisingly being compared to the Vampire saga. Yet, I have a hope that there’s something a little better hiding beneath the surface.

Beastly is a modern day retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story written and directed by Daniel Barnz with Stormbreaker Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens graduating from High School to make it as one of our two leads.

We’ve seen an uninspired poster, then twenty seven seconds of an equally spiritless teaser trailer and now we get a proper look at what’s in store for our beauty and her beast. It’s Neil Patrick Harris playing darts. Game on.

Face the screen, click play on the video below and feel the thrust of colour and sound.

And while we’re at it let’s get on our knees and shout thanks to Moviefone, who really deserve it.