Twenty eight years after our first dalliance with Kevin Flynn and the digitopolis of Tron, we return to Flynn’s Arcade once more for Tron: Legacy.

Joseph Kosinski’s film comes after a long production, and Disney have made sure we’re kept up to date with a marketing assault unlike any other and today the cast and crew were on hand in London’s Leicester Square to present the UK Premiere.

I braved the cold and got to chat to Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde and the director, and he’ll upload his photos from the event for you to enjoy. You can read my review of the film right here,  and our good friends at Upbeat were on hand to record the proceedings as Tron: Legacy came to the UK.

I also got to talk with vehicle designer, Daniel Simon about his vehicle design who spoke about working on the project and the his new Tron TV series for the Disney channel which is going to follow the movie working again alongside director, Joseph Kosinski. Meeting the legend that is Jeff Bridges was just amazing and the hand which he shoot won’t be washed ever again….. that is until my wife tells me I have to!

Bridges spoke about the rumours of a new movie which has been talked about over the past 30 years. He said that he’s always been interested in doing a sequel and it just needed the opportunity to present itself and now the chance came along. He wanted to know who would direct it and what the storyline would entail.

Here’s the video and scroll down for our collection of exclusive images from the evening which you can click to enlarge: