Nazi Dawn, the latest low budget horrorshow from Revolver to be released into the wild, has Lance Henriksen pushed firmly to the fore to drag a touch of recognisable talent to this tale of shipboard terror with a SS twist.

And Henriksen does the best he can given the woeful script which has a US military ship tracking down another ship which has fallen into a terror-inspiring radio silence. And yes. It goes exactly where you think it will. With Nazis.

Shot almost completely in the dark with the occasional gruesome slaughter thrown in when the plot wanes, director and co-writer Roel Reine has clearly found much to be excited about with the notion of trapping some gun friendly army types on a ship with some Nazis.

Unfortunately he does nothing with the limited concept. There’s some stock characters (wise-cracking military hard men and showerbound females), an established actor (the aforementioned Henriksen), an easily definable evil (Nazis) shoved onto a boat, in the dark, kill, chase, shower, discover, more kill, kill again, roll credits.

A leaden narrative flow, shot through with ill-timed cliches and truly risible dialogue pushes the film towards the edge of being an enjoyable failure there is no spark of ingenuity nor anything to set it apart from the million other DVD bound scarefests. As the final act begins you get the feeling that everyone on board has given up and wants to go home.

But hey! Here’s a trailer which has some sexual swear words.