Recently I’ve been watching more and more Pixar films. I’m happy to do this, as it is on the insistence of my two year old son that Toy Storwee is on as often as possible.

Like most people I love a good Pixar film, and what is particularly impressive is that nearly all of their output are good Pixar films, with only Cars and A Bug’s Life not quite hitting the sweet spot for me, yet their reputation and critical acclaim cannot be doubted.

At the end of the year Toy Story 3 is appearing in many of the ‘Best Of 2010’ lists which are cropping up and there’s an excellent chance Woody and Buzz will have to make a pre-recorded winner’s speech for the 2011 Academy Awards.

A moment ago I came across this video by Leandro Copperfield who has gone through each Pixar film and created a wonderful mash-up which reminds you of the power of Pixar’s creations in that a moment devoid of context will arrive on screen and a rush of emotions follows – there are some truly wonderful moments here and if you’re like me by the time the video ends you’ll want to dig out your Pixar DVDs.

Fortunately for me those DVDs are never far from hand.

Here’s the video – The Beauty of Pixar,

The Beauty of Pixar from Javier on Vimeo.