Family Guy – It’s a Trap went on sale on Monday and to celebrate we’ve been sent this rather funny montage of clips from a stunt which was carried out to promote it last week which, given all the snow we’ve had recently, was entitled It’s a Snow Trap!

It wasn’t just commuters and holidaymakers who found themselves stranded in the snow this week. Even Stormtroopers were caught up in the white stuff after their Star Destroyer got snowed in along with a certain diabolical baby from Family Guy!

Those passing by Waterloo South Bank on Tuesday witnessed a group of Stormtroopers stranded in the snow, and to make matters worse they were attacked by none other than Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin, the scheming baby hell bent on world domination who caused havoc on a Boris bike!

The characters were in Central London to celebrate the release of Family Guy It’s A Trap! on Blu-ray and DVD on 27 December 2010, inspired by a scene (above) in which the Stormtroopers pursue Luke Skywalker and co through the Forest of Endor on everyday bicycles instead of their preferred Space Marine Scout Bikes.

Check out the footage from the event below or scroll down to view some photos. Family Guy – It’s a Trap is available to buy now.