Often the most spectacular elements of Tom Cruise’s Missions Impossible are the incredible, death-defying stunts, with Cruise performing the stunts himself. We’ve seen the actor in daredevil motorbike chases, hanging on to the side of a plane during take off, free climbing on Utah rockfaces, making an underwater heist, scaling the Burj Khalifa and doing a Halo jump. For Fallout Cruise took part in a thrilling stunt sequence involving a helicopter. DaniElle DeLaite took to the skies to find out more about how the stunt was done.

She spoke to Wade Eastwood (Stunt Coordinator) and Marc Wolf (Aerial Coordinator) and they broke down the initial work done in pre-production with the film’s director Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise, how they ensured the safety of all the stunt team and Cruise himself. They talked about the intricate work done before and during the stunt sequence, and how Cruise literally throws himself into the task at hand. The increasingly dangerous and outrageous stunts are a hallmark of the Mission Impossible series and it seems until Cruise is blasted into space onto the side of a rocket headed for the sun the actor won’t be happy.

You can see DaniElle’s interview below. Mission: Impossible Fallout is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and digital and is a real treat.