As of right now, Mission: Impossible 5 is very much a mystery. No plot details have been revealed and all we really know is that Tom Cruise has performed yet another death defying stunt for the movie (see it here).

Jack Reacher helmer Christopher McQuarrie is reuniting with Cruise to direct Mission: Impossible 5, and he took part in a Twitter Q&A earlier today to finally shed some light on what fans should expect from the follow-up to Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The filmmaker also debunks a few rumours.

For example, despite claims to the contrary, the movie’s ending did not need to be rewritten or reshot. It just had to be prepped, and is currently being filmed. Mission: Impossible 5 will also feature plenty of nods to the original and fans hoping that it will have an old school feel apparently “won’t be disappointed” by his take.

To add to that, the director even promised it will have a similar feel to the TV show. McQuarrie also mentioned there being a story unlike any of the previous Mission: Impossible movies, and said fans will understand what he means when the first trailer hits (both that and the subtitle are said to be coming soon).

For those of you wondering why Ghost Protocol stars Paula Patton and Maggie Q aren’t returning, they were unavailable apparently. The good news though is that both Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames will get a lot more screentime this time around, while Simon Pegg “gets his hands plenty dirty” this time around.

More details can be found by clicking the link below to head on over to McQuarrie’s Twitter account.