The sad train of Miramax has reached its final station and awaiting a new owner for its name, and the considerable library. Its death was foretold just last week and now as the vultures gather TheWrap have a breakdown of the interested parties, and among them are the previous owners, Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Reclaiming the studio they named after their parents, and sold to Disney before an acrimonious divorce left the brothers to found the Weinstein Company whose track record thus far has fared better than a Disney-led Miramax, with Inglourious Basterds a particular highlight.

If they are to reclaim their company for the reported $700 million (down from the, frankly optimistic, original asking price of $1.2 billion) they will regain control over the considerable back catalogue and the name which made theirs.

Head over to TheWrap for a full financial summary.