The smash PC hit Minecraft released last week on Xbox Live and in less than one week has annihilated every sales record in its path.  According to Xbox’s Major Nelson the game has been bought digitally a reported 1,000,000 times globally.  I suppose congratulations are in order to those responsible for bringing Minecraft to the Xbox 360, so good work (phantom slap on the ass).

I don’t think I’m the only person not surprised by the breakout success of Minecraft on the Xbox 360, but that doesn’t make this any less of an incredible feat.  Other stats provided by Major Nelson also show that players have already logged some serious hours into the game to the tune of 5.2 million hours with 4 million multiplayer sessions played accumulating 2.4 million multiplayer hours this past week alone.

Given the game’s popularity and almost infinite replay value we are guaranteed to only see this numbers inflate in the coming weeks.  If you wish to partake in the sandbox of creativity that is Minecraft you can download it now on Xbox Live for 1600 Microsoft points.