Midnight's ChildrenAwaiting its UK release more than thirty years after the original novel was published, Midnight’s Children has been a long time coming.

Following its debut at Toronto International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, and BFI London Film Festival, UK distributor E1 Entertainment has shared a new promising trailer, packed to the brim with enchantment, fighting spirit and romance.

Salman Rushdie  executive produced, wrote and narrated the adaptation his original 1981 novel, that won him the Booker of Booker’s Prize. After a failed collaboration with the BBC, Academy Award nominee Deepa Mehta finally took on the story of two boys, one rich and one poor, who are swapped at birth after being born on the eve of India gaining independence from Britain in 1947.

Mehta places Satya Bhabha in the protagonist role of Saleem, born at the exact moment of India’s independence, as well as selecting Shriya Saran and Siddharth Narayan as supporting roles Parvati-the-witch and Shiva. The 149 minute long epic captures Saleem’s attempt to reunite all the other ‘Midnight’s children’ born within the same hour and all of whom are also equipped with magical powers – Read our review here.

Midnight’s Children will be released in the UK on Boxing Day this year – a colourful portrayal of history and magical realism that is likely to brighten up a dreary English winter.

Midnight’s Children Posters

Midnight’s Children Trailer

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