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reaction shot logoWelcome to our new regular section in which members of the HeyUGuys family discuss a variety of topics concerning all things cinema.

We’ll pick a topic inspired by what’s happening in the world of film and invite our writers to voice their opinions, an invitation we extend to you. If you want to submit your own answer, respond to an answer from one of our writers then please do so.

This time around we asked our venerable team which 2012 features were on their most anticipated list.

Kelly Alyse

It goes without saying that there are a few films being released, in particular, that have been anticipated for quite some time now, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Men in Black 3, and The Amazing Spider-Man immediately come to mind.

Personally however, the final film in the Twilight Saga series is a real highlight for me. I am under no illusion that these films are brilliantly made or well acted, but to see this phenomenon end will be akin to the scale of Harry Potter for me. 

Tim Burton will be causing quite a stir next year with Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie – I’m hoping these films bring him back to the late 80s, early 90s Burton that we all became mesmerised by.

As for this whole Snow White debate, I think from the trailers alone we can tell Snow White and the Huntsman is going to be on another level to Mirror Mirror. One film I can safely guarantee I will see but watch through a tiny gap in my hands is The Woman in Black. If the film has the same effect as the play, cinema audiences (including me) won’t be sleeping for weeks, and when normality is finally restored, Paranormal Activity 4 will come along and provide even more haunting nights.

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  • ‘Act of Valor’ looks like US Marine Corps propaganda in its purest form. Probably most excited by John Hillcoat’s ‘Wettest Country’, if only for the reunion of Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously not big Tolkien geeks around here, eh?…

    The Hobbit first, no question.  Then Prometheus, and The Dark Knight Rises (although not as much as I was for TDK).  The Avengers and Spider-Man just look “meh”.

  • bobbycastro

    Are these people stupid? Have we forgotten what cinema is?? no one mentioned DJANGO UNCHAINED

  • Kenji Lloyd

    Gonna have to call you on that, sir.

    a) that’s not very nice,and b) I definitely mentioned Django Unchained!

    Tarantino’s going to be better than Santa next year come Christmas Day 2012.

  • You’re completely right about The Hobbit, in my head that’s just a given! (Dave Szt)

  • OK, what’s cinema then?

  • I wrote my bit before I saw the trailer for The Hobbit. It’s certainly very pretty, and I’m really keen to find out how people respond to 48 FPS cinema, but still not completely sold on the film itself.