If you’ve seen her in Duncan Jones’ Source Code, you’ll know how brilliant she is. If you’ve seen her in Ben Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone, you’ll know how brilliant she is. If you’ve seen her in Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you’ll know how brilliant she is.

Michelle Monaghan is one of the most promising rising stars in the past few years, and she has deservedly been getting the attention she much deserves, which is fantastic.

Variety are now reporting that Monaghan is set to co-lead a new indie psychological thriller, Fast Flash To Bang Time, which W. Peter Iliff (Point Break, Patriot Games) will direct from his own script. The film,

“is set in Las Vegas, the last stop for FBI agents who have screwed up past assignments. Story follows a pair of troubled agents as they search for a killer and a kidnapped infant, all while struggling to hide addictions that could end their careers.”

The role Monaghan is in talks for is that of a sex-addicted female lead, with the search still underway for her crack-addicted male partner on the force. I’ve loved Monaghan in everything I’ve seen her in, and am really liking the sound of this new project.

She most recently starred opposite Gerard Butler in the latter’s passion project, Machine Gun Preacher, which is in cinemas now, and has a mini slew of features lined up for herself in the coming year, including Penthouse North, which Dimension Films have just acquired, opposite Michael Keaton; and another film I’m really looking forward to, Better Living Through Chemistry, alongside Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell, with narration coming from Judi Dench.

Production on Fast Flash To Bang Time is scheduled to start in Las Vegas in the spring next year, so hopefully it’ll be early 2013 when we get to see it on the big screen. By the sounds of it, it’s going to be pretty damn awesome, and I’m hoping we’ll be hearing a great bit of casting news soon with Monaghan’s male co-lead. More as we get it.