Drake Doremus has been making something of a name for himself this year with his latest feature film, Like Crazy, after winning the Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic category for his direction at Sundance back in January.

His leading female, Felicity Jones, also came away with the Special Jury Prize for Dramatic Acting, and it’s really good to see her doing so well in and out of the UK.

We saw the film’s theatrical trailer back in August, and now we’ve got a brilliant TV spot to share with you, courtesy of Yahoo Movies, to promote its US release.

“A love story is both a physical and emotional tale, one that can be deeply personal and heartbreaking for an audience to experience. Director Drake Doremus’ film Like Crazy beautifully illustrates how your first real love is as thrilling and blissful as it is devastating. When a British college student (Felicity Jones) falls for her American classmate (Anton Yelchin) they embark on a passionate and life-changing journey only to be separated when she violates the terms of her visa.Like Crazy explores how a couple faces the real challenges of being together and of being apart. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Best Picture at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and of the Special Jury Prize for Best Actress for Felicity Jones, Like Crazy depicts both the hopefulness and the heartbreak of love.”

Sadly, we’ve got a bit of a wait to see this, with its UK release scheduled for 3rd February next year. But it definitely looks like it will be well worth the wait, and I can’t wait for the start of February to roll around. Though the film itself may not be on many people’s Films of the Year lists come the end of next month, I really enjoyed Jones’ performance in Chalet Girl earlier this year, and Yelchin has been a brilliant rising young star for several years now, and this is fast becoming one of the films I’m most looking forward to seeing in 2012. It looks to be indie cinema at its finest. Without further ado, here’s the TV spot, entitled Memories, to enjoy. It’s pretty wonderful.