Michael  Shannon is one of those rare actors whose presence in a film immediately makes it a must-see. Currently shining in Jeff Nichols’ new sci-fi film Midnight Special the actor’s next role sees him stepping into some very large shoes as the non-presidential half of Elvis & Nixon with Kevin Spacey.

Doing the rounds for his Midnight Special we caught up with the actor to ask how about the process of taking on one of the most iconic figures of our recent history. Interestingly he talks about the proliferation of The King in our everyday, notably the ubiquitous Elvis Impersonators.

Watch the first five minutes of Midnight Special right here


He talks about the conversations between, and the wishes of, Jerry Schilling, the man who perhaps is our most knowledgeable link to Presley.

Our full interview will be up soon, our review of Midnight Special is here, and the clip is below.