Though Michael Mann’s recent Public Enemies didn’t light fires at the box office it was an enjoyable period piece with Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard doing a lot of the hard work.

We reported back in July that Sky were to bring many of HBO’s series to the UK, and this included Luck, which had Mann pulling on his executive producing trousers for the series which was created by Deadwood’s David Milch. Doing the press rounds the FT (via Deadline) spoke to Mann who revealed that he is looking at two potential directorial projects.

One is an adaptation of Agincourt, the celebrated Bernard Cromwell novel, whose plot Deadline sum up as,

[Bernard Cromwell’s Agincourt is] a bestselling novel that focuses on a young man with a death sentence on his head who is saved when his skills with the bow catch the attention of king Henry V.

The archer develops into a warrior and falls in love with a young woman whose virtue he saved from a lecherous priest, and he becomes the portal to the bloody Battle of Agincourt, made famous by Shakespeare’s Henry V

The other project is Big Tuna, a Chicago based mob movie telling the story of Tony Accardo and his successor, Sam Giancana which would place Mann on more familiar ground than the alternative. Would you want to see Mann move back in time or stick a little closer to home?