Terminator Salvation did little to improve the fortunes of the ailing Terminator franchise, despite excellent work from Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin, McG’s direction failed to excite and rights to the Terminator series are being lined up for sale to the highest bidder.

It seems a long time ago since Arnie promised that He’d Be Back.

It’s surprising then to learn from a Blu-ray BD-Live chat for Terminator Salvation that McG plans on directing the next two Terminator films, according to the report at Comingsoon.net.

While the world McG’s team created for Salvation was interesting a dour performance from Christian Bale and a lack of narrative cohesion made it hard to imagine another Terminator film when the credits rolled on the fourth film. 

Each franchise runs its course, and it usually runs it into the ground. The lo-fi chase thriller in a neon tinged 1980s is a million miles from the tower block sized killing machines of the McG directed film and when the Terminator rights are settled early next year there is a good chance it won’t be McG stepping behind the camera to revive the fortunes of this series.