For years people have expected the cult classic, American Werewolf in London, to be remade. Especially given the advances in technology to bring to life the werewolf in a more realistic manner. A year after the news that the son of original director John Landis, Max Landis, was down to write and direct a remake he has revealed that they are still no further on with the development of the production.

Max joined The Rugged Man podcast and revealed his own plans for the look of the film with the use of CGI, and the fact he doesn’t seem any closer in getting the project off the ground.

Landis went on to discuss his vision for the remake of his father’s classic.

“We’ll see if I can do it. We’ll see if I can pull it off. We’ll see if they even make it. My goal is I feel like all of the best remakes focus on one thing in the original movie, take a lot of the images of the original and then remix that really tightly. With American Werewolf I’m doing that, but I’m also just gonna try and do American Werewolf as best I can. We’ll see. I can’t make no promises.”

American Werewolf in London

Where others tend to overuse CGI (the Parisian-set sequel can attest to that…), Landis was adamant he would only use the FX where absolutely necessary, still wanting the werewolf to look as authentic as possible.

“The thing I would do with CGI, were I directing this film, would be leg movement, and I would have the entire wolf’s face, back and body be practical, and then I would fully CGI the legs for organic movements. If you remake American Werewolf and the transformation scene isn’t practical, you have f–ked up.”

In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep waiting a little longer to see this project finally get off the ground, but while we are waiting we have his next venture, Bright which stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton coming to a Netflix screen in December.