Fans of Marvel’s cinematic universe will already be familiar with the work of artist Matt Ferguson. His recent work on Captain America: Civil War, and Guardians of the Galaxy is a joy to behold, and today we’re proud to debut his latest piece for Doctor Strange.

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Doctor Strange has opened impressively over the world in the last two weeks with a healthy box office return. It marks a new stage of the MCU, with even the ‘riskiest’ of comic book characters now soaring to critical and commercial heights, ensuring the Marvel brand can now expand beyond the more well-known characters.

This new poster highlights the world-bending visuals of Scott Derrickson’s film, something which has been greeted with elation from fans of the superhero genre. Opening the world up to a little more magic is never a bad thing, and may come to define the MCU as it moves on to the battlegrounds of the Infinity War.

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Here it is – it’s always nice to see London on a poster, warped as this one is…

Matt Ferguson‘s Doctor Strange Poster

HeyUGuys Exclusive Doctor Strange Poster

You can find more of Matt Ferguson’s work here.