Since before Jeremy Renner was even chosen to play Aaron Cross in a Bourne movie without Jason Bourne back in 2012, rumours that Matt Damon would return to the role after The Bourne Ultimatum have been almost non-stop, especially after the mostly tepid critical response to The Bourne Legacy.

Damon has said again and again that the only way he would play Bourne again would be if it was with Paul Greengrass as director, but something has obviously changed as Latino-Review are now reporting that the reason Bourne 5 has been pushed back to 2016 is because the actor will return for director Justin Lin.

What made Damon change his mind is unclear, but a few recent misfires at the box office could have something to do with it. The Bourne Legacy earned significantly less than the Bourne movie which preceded it too, so having Cross team with with the titular character would surely make it a must-see event!

That could also explain why Universal have decided to have it face off against the fourth Ice Age movie.

Aaron Cross wasn’t particularly interesting, so this isn’t exactly a team-up which is on the same level as Batman V Superman, but the appeal of seeing Damon return as Jason Bourne is undeniable.

Though Fast & Furious director Justin Lin is helming this instalment, could this return pave the way for another Jason Bourne centric movie from Paul Greengrass? We’ll have to wait and see!