Matt Damon and filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan last worked together on the 2011 drama Margaret, a movie which saw Lonergan and the studio clash over the final cut, with a lengthy release date delay the result until Martin Scorsese came on board to personally oversee an edit.

Pre-production on their next collaboration started today and Manchester-by-the-Sea will begin shooting over the next few months. OddLot Entertainment are expected to produce and finance the drama, which is described as being tonally similar to Lonergan’s You Can Count on Me.

According to the site which broke the news, “Matt Damon will play a Boston-living ne’er-do-well plumber who is forced to return home to the titular town after he learns his brother passed away. There, he finds himself thrust into the care of the man’s 16-year old son but finds himself crumbling due to a secret tragedy in his past.” Damon, a Boston native, shouldn’t find this role too difficult to master!

Lonergan also penned the screenplay, while Matt Damon is expected to squeeze Manchester-by-the-Sea in before shooting sci-fi survival drama The Martian with Sir Ridley Scott behind the camera.

These two once again working together isn’t hard to get excited over, wouldn’t you agree?