We’re not exactly short on medical procedural shows, with Grey’s Anatomy currently dominating a market that previously featured big hitters like House and ER. Creating something that stands out from the crowd is quite the challenge. 

Fortunately for Fox, their new series has two key elements going for it. Firstly, it’s brave enough to tackle the politics of hospital business head on with the writers intent on sticking the scalpel into the mess that is the US healthcare system. 

And secondly, The Resident features enough memorable characters to leave us wondering if the pilot is a sign of good things to come, particularly with a cast worthy of portraying them. Most notably, Gilmore Girls favourite Matt Czurchy as cocky doctor Conrad Hawkins (who delivers lines like “forget what you know about medicine!” completely irony free), and Captain America’s love interest, and Revenge star, Emily Vancamp as head nurse and moral backbone, Nic Nevin. 

We spoke to the pair about the challenges they face breathing life into their new characters, how they’ve been affected by their research into the world of hospitals, and what it’s like to be on set with master character actor, Bruce Greenwood. 

The Resident starts its first shift tonight at 9pm on April 10th on the Universal Channel.