Offering viewers the chance to truly engage with contemporary gender politics, such as the #MeToo movement, on screen Revenge serves as an gory inverse of masculine vengeance narratives.

Starring Matilda Lutz in the lead role, she seeks blood after a series of events by oppressive and dominating male figures. Hunting them down in the desert, it is hard not see the influence of George Miller’s Mad Max in the film. Evidently not without visceral visuals, a synth based heavy score and a profuse amount of blood, Revenge is one of the purest cinematic experiences of 2018.

Specifically, director Coralie Fargeat was inclined to write the script in light of the highly visual manner of South Korean cinema and the feminist themes central to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Supported by the alluring presence of actress Matilda Lutz, her late casting in the lead role imbues her character, as she herself states, with a rawness that was a whole new experience. Further commenting upon the link her film has with that of Paul Verhoeven’s Elle, Fargeat sees them as two separate animals; both films giving viewers the chance to witness women who seek liberty.

You can see both the director and actress discuss these topics in their interview  below. Released on 11th May, Revenge is a kaleidoscopic cinematic trip. You can read our glowing review right here.