Marvin the Martian Movie gets Director, Mike Myers to Mouth off?


One of my favourite characters in the Warner Brothers stable has a movie coming out – Marvin the Martian will be disintegrating and conquering planets under the direction of Alex Zamm.

WB and Alcon Entertainment have procured the writing partnership of Paul Kaplan and Mark Torgove (they’ve got a CHiPS script on the go currently) and from the report in the L.A. Times the plot has remained from the 2008 announcement of the movie, to whit: Marvin arrives on Earth, set on ‘destroying’ Christmas, but is then trapped in a gift box, at which point hilarity will ensue. My favourite reaction to this story is from /Film’s own Brendon Connelly, whose cynicism may sadly prove to be prophetic when the film is released at Christmas next year.

Reports are also flying around that Shrek shouter Mike Myers is ‘in talks’ to voice the meddlesome Martian, and given the propensity of live action/CG collisions (Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 being the latest muddying of the fair cinematic waters) it seems inevitable that this will be another family friendly re-branding of a great cartoon character.