Good news from The Tracking Board this evening that Mark Romanek, recently rumoured as the director in line for The Overlook Hotel (prequel to The Shining no less), will be stepping in to direct David Mamet’s Blackbird.

The film, set to star Cate Blanchett, was written by Mamet with the intention of being his own directorial project but apparently the situation has changed and Romanek’s very busy slate gets an addition.

Blackbird has an intriguing premise – that of a story of a Hollywood special effects designer moonlighting for the US Government, with a possible link to the assassination of JFK. Blanchett is to star as the granddaughter of the deceased SFX man, whose death sparks off the unravelling of the ‘Hitchcockian’ thriller.

Sounds great, Romanek is one of best directors working today. The Boston Strangler is another of his forthcoming projects, but how about we finally get to see that Locke & Key pilot first eh?

If you need some idea of Romanek’s work (and please, for the love of all decency, check out Never Let Me Go right now) here are the best of his music videos.