What a turbulent time this has been for the global film industry. With the majority of cinema chains closing their doors indefinitely, and most releases either scrapped or postponed to a later date, it’s been hard to find anything to be cheerful about these last few days. Luckily for us, Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema will be making a welcome return to our small screens this week in a new three part season of this critically acclaimed series.

In the first episode, Mark will be dissecting the mighty Superhero movie. From Marvel to DC to obscure world cinema superhero depictions, the good doctor will be lifting the lid on one of the most popular cinematic genres of the 21st century.

Directed and produced by Nick Freand and with a fantastically insightful script from the always brilliant Kim Newman, this first episode sees Mark delving into a genre which has become, undoubtedly, one of the biggest players in the film industry over the last decade. Without giving too much away, Mark attributes this extraordinary resurgence not only to Disney and its record breaking Marvel Cinematic Universe, but more precisely to  Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight.

Nominated for 8 Academy Awards in 2009, The Dark Knight was the film that catapulted the superhero genre from complacent box office fodder to something far more complex and with respectable auteurial credentials.

Amongst the things to look forward to in this first instalment are the brilliantly kitsch and “pop-arty” 50s and 60s depictions of DC characters such as Batman and The Joker. So whether you’re a true comic book aficionado or just a recent convert, make sure you tune in tonight.


The Secrets of Cinema will be airing on BBC 4 from Thursday 19th of March. 

Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema: Superheroes
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Linda Marric
Linda Marric is a senior film critic and the newly appointed Reviews Editor for HeyUGuys. She has written extensively about film and TV over the last decade. After graduating with a degree in Film Studies from King's College London, she has worked in post-production on a number of film projects and other film related roles. She has a huge passion for intelligent Scifi movies and is never put off by the prospect of a romantic comedy. Favourite movie: Brazil.
mark-kermodes-secrets-of-cinema-superheroesSo whether you're a true comic book aficionado or just a recent convert, make sure you tune in tonight.