As cinemas around the world close, never have we been more reliant on good new additions to the world of streaming, with most of us stuck indoors desperately wanting something new to indulge in. Well, this weekend Netflix are launching The Letter for the King, a brand new fantasy series about a group of youngsters who risk everything to deliver an important message to the monarch. To celebrate the release we took part in a unique press junket for the film, interviewing the cast via Skype, and from the comfort of our very own living room (excuse the bland wallpaper background). Watch both interviews below, the first is with Ruby Ashbourne Serkis (son of Andy), Thaddea Graham and Amir Wilson, while we then discussed this project with Dutch star Gijs Blom, who made us feel somewhat better as it seems he was chilling out (sorry, “self-isolating”) at home as well.

Watch both interviews below:


A young squire holds the fate of the kingdom in his hands as he embarks on a quest to deliver a secret message to the king.

The Letter for the King launches on Netflix on March 20th