Over the last few years, we’ve had quite a few biopics looking at famous musicians who either changed a genre or who have had megastar success. I’m thinking of Ray which starred Jamie Foxx based on Ray Charles and Walk the Line where Joaquin Phoenix played Johnny Cash. The theme to these movies always seems to be man (or woman) finds they have a talent, gets picked up by a studio, they get more famous, they take drugs, the ruin all their relationships and then they die! It’s sad but unfortunately that’s what happens!

Well, queue news today that a new Marilyn Monroe Biopic is to be made and Naomi Watts is to star as the blonde bomshell in a movie called ‘Blonde’. The movie will be directed by Andrew Dominik, who has previously brought us The Assassination of Jesse James.

Screendaily have brought us this new where they say:

Wild Bunch will handle international sales on Blonde, an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ imaginary Marilyn Monroe memoir that Andrew Dominik is set to direct. Naomi Watts will star as the legendary icon.

Produced by Anthony Bregman, the $20 million film will shoot in January 2011.

Head over to Screendaily to find out why Dominik wants to tell this story. More info as we get it. Who thinks an Elvis movie is just around the corner?