When Disney reveal release dates for their forthcoming projects it sets in motion a huge wave of anticipation, and as we discussed on our latest Mouth Off podcast, it is Disney’s animation features that are succeeding critically and commercially in recent years.

Variety are reporting that two Disney animations have their release dates set, first up is the much anticipated Winnie the Pooh, which looks to build on the success of Disney’s vibrant return to hand drawn animation, The Princess and The Frog, will be released on July the 15th, 2011.

The second film will be a 3D/CG romp through the world of video games, Reboot Ralph (previously known as Joe Jump) will be released on March the 22nd, 2013. Reboot Ralph is rumoured to be the story of an 8-bit arcade game character who is resigned to the retro gaming bin until he finds a way to jump into modern day games.

We’re still in the throes of our Prince of Persia coverage and there’s only a few short months before Toy Story 3 explodes onto the screens, it is reassuring to know that Disney are looking ahead, as are we.