To welcome in the weekend we’re happy to bring you the latest episode of the HeyUGuys podcast Mouth Off.

This week we pull apart Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and talk about the state of Disney’s live-action arm in the 21st century.
Brad Bird’s acceptance of a Mission: Impossible is also kicked around, as is the J.J. Abrams Super 8 trailer and the news that Kick-Ass team Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman are behind the next X-Men film.

There’s a whiff of politics in the for this week’s Mouth Off Podcast as the Rt. Hons Craig Skinner,  Brendon Connelly and I plunder the mire of politics and dredge up a few choice cinematic cuts from the corridors of power in our Politically themed Ripped from the Crypt.

There are clips from our RFTC choices below, and there’s a nicely eclectic mix for you all this week.

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Secretary of Altered States Brendon chose Dougal and the Blue Cat*

Minister for Esoteric Affairs Craig Skinner’s pick was America: Democracy on Trial

And I, as Chief Whip, chose House of Cards and Recount


House of Cards

* sadly Brendon is right – Dougal and the Blue Cat isn’t available on DVD, though there are VHS copies floating around. It’s worth tracking down.