The very, very, worst thing about growing up a film fan in London is not that all the best films will inevitably be released to your US cousins before you.  Nor that your ability to watch a late-night screening correlates directly to the weather-vane whims of the last train home because you neglectfully never learnt to drive.  No it is simply this: you know you will never experience the classic movie rite-of-passage that is The Drive-In.   At least that used to be the case, until Damian Barr kindly changed it!

On 1st July in London’s East End, fans of film in general (And Twilight in particular) are in for something of a treat – The Starlite Urban Drive-In.  Hosted at Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery over three nights, Starlite Urban Drive-In (in association with Volvo) will offer its audience the opportunity to forgo the confines of the multiplex walls and escape into the heart of creative London to enjoy their favourite movies in the open air.  Silent Cinema’s Damian Barr and event producer Iram Quarishi’s combined talents promise an unforgettable and exclusive night at London’s most unusual cinema.

Twenty cars will be available each night in order that lucky moviegoers may curl up in comfort, turn on the radio and let the soundtrack unfurl around them.  The technology, developed by Barr as an extension of his Silent Cinema innovation, allows for these screenings to take place in even the most densely populated areas.  It’s eco-friendly too.  And with plans in place to take the Starlite Urban Drive-In nationwide, it won’t be long before Saturday nights up and down the country have been transformed!

Volvo’s participation seemed a natural progression after their starring role beneath Rob Pattinson’s pert (and bloodless) behind in the Twilight films.  Indeed the Friday night film to open the Drive-In weekend will be the original Twilight.  What better way to celebrate your love for the lovely Edward than by observing his dreamy visage from the very car he used to speed Bella from harm?

For those of a less vampy disposition the Saturday night movie will be Drive-In classic, and chick favourite, Grease.  With the final film still to be confirmed there is sure to be something to suit every palate.  And speaking of taste – who doesn’t love the taste of popcorn?  You’ll be happy to hear that, completing the attention to vintage detail, your interval snacks will be sped to you by a team of roller skating waitresses!


With tickets not on sale until June 1st there’s still plenty of time to decide which film to choose.  Volvo have even promised to keep their XC60 convertibles on standby in the event of the English weather granting us a proper summer.  Be warned though, these are designed as boutique events and tickets are likely to sell out fast.  For the chance to live my teenage dream – a date and a movie under the stars – I’ll certainly be first in the queue!