All this week we’ve been going Twilight crazy. It’s been a fun four years following the Saga hat has swept across the planet faster than you can say Team Edward! As we come to the end of the Twilight franchise (probably), it’s wonderful to hear from the actors who’ve played in the main roles.

Following on from our interview earlier with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart and our Premiere report interviews from last night, we have yet another vampire shaped treat for you in the form of an interview with leading man and fellow brit, Robert Patinson. Pattinson has played Edward Cullen in all of the Twilight movies and this time has to grow up to be a dad as we see his on-screen daughter Renesmee becoming the centre to the plot of this fifth and final movie.

Our friend James Kleinmann conducts the interview which is embedded below. If you missed our review of the movie, you can have a read here.

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