The opening of Logan in cinemas has seen it generate one of the largest openings of any X-Men films over the years in the UK alone it took a staggering £9.44m making it the second biggest debut of 2017 so far after Sing – The reasoning behind this could be put down to the fact Logan is Hugh Jackman’s final stand as the Wolverine.

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Hugh Jackman, who has played Wolverine in nine X-Men related films scanning the period of seventeen years, three of which have been Wolverine spin-off ventures, bows out of a character which he has truly made his own in a bloodthirsty yet heart-wrenching Logan which differentiates in tone from any other X-Men film in the franchise.  First appearing back in 2000 in the Bryan Singer directed X-Men, we have grown up with the character and taken him to our hearts as he has come to terms with his extraordinary blade claws causing some epic fighting damage.


What better way to celebrate the actor who made Wolverine a household name, not only attracting fans of the comic book series but a whole new audience too with a touching Logan legacy tribute video.

The video shows Jackman over the years in the role which is forever synonymous with his name, that same ‘Don’t mess with me’ facial expression morphing from the very first wrinkle free, scarless Logan to the ageing, beaten and battered version we say goodbye too. Jackman, as well as his Logan co-star Patrick Stewart and director James Mangold, pay tribute to the character and the man with a heartfelt and truly respectful tone befitting his legacy.

We can’t imagine anyone else in Logan’s boots, if there is a cinematic future for this character, any actor coming in to replace Jackman will have one hefty mountain to climb, one in which only Logan will be able to overcome.