Director James Mangold has given us the first peek at Stephen Merchant as Caliban in the forthcoming Wolverine film Logan.

The film’s director has been tweeting some wonderful pictures from the sets of his past and present films (check out his twitter here), and today he’s given us a first look at a new take on an old character.

Caliban, portrayed in this incarnation of the X-verse by Office man Stephen Merchant has been seen before in the cinematic travels of the X-Men.


Recently played by Tómas Lemarquis in X-Men Apocalypse, Merchant’s take on the character looks to be more faithful to the Morlock heritage of the character. His power is to be able to track mutants, and in the comics he and his fellow Morlocks (a nod to H. G. Wells’ Time Machine mutants) were shunned by society and lived in the sewers.

How far Mangold will bring in Merchant’s Morlock to the narrative of Logan is yet to be seen, but this is a stark new look at an old face.