The Now You See Me 2 and Mean Girls actress, Lizzy Caplan is said to be in talks to star opposite Channing Tatum in Fox X-Men spin-off, Gambit.

Her role details are being kept top secret but it is likely she will take the female lead in the superhero film which will see Tatum as Gambit, whose ability to control kinetic energy enables him to weaponize playing cards and other projectiles. He’s also pretty handy with a b? staff. In the comics, Gambit was a member of the Thieves Guild before joining the X-Men. Gambit has already made an appearance in an X-Men adventure, 2009’s Wolverine to be exact, with Taylor Kitsch playing the role.

Gore Verbinski will be directing the spin-off X-Men saga after both longtime Tom Cruise collaborator Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt had both been attached but have since dropped out due to other commitments.

Caplan’s extensive credits include Showtime’s Master of Sex in which she was a regular as well as film credits including Cloverfield, 127 Hours, Now You See Me 2, and Allied. Her upcoming projects include the mini-series Das Boot and Extinction, a science-fiction thriller which she will star opposite Michael Pena.

Only last month we reported that casting for Gambit had gone into overdrive when a detailed character list had been made public and it would seem they are already filling those roles.

Production could start rolling as early as the beginning of 2018 in New Orleans with a February 2019 release date looking likely.