Joe Dante is the man who brought us Gremlins, Innerspace and The ‘Burbs in the 1980s, then took us all the way to the small TV-land town of Eerie, Indiana before a tussle with some Small Soliders only to return to the big screen in 3D no less with his nightmare inducing The Hole from 2009.

The ever wonderful FilmClub are hosting a webchat with the director and you can follow along and get involved right now. We have thrown our questions into the ring (we wanted to know about the proposed remake of Gremlins and if 3D is the future of cinema) so we’re hopeful he’ll get to answer those.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of very cool things indeed then you must check out Trailers from Hell.  Just….trust me.

It all kicks off at 4pm so get stuck in by clicking below.