Live action remakes of classic animated films are all the rage. Disney in particular have honed in on this market with dozens of their animations being given the live action treatment. Beauty and the Beast was a huge hit for them last month, the same month which saw The Jungle Book bag an Oscar for its stellar visual effects. But what if things were reversed?

Could you see Casablanca redrawn as an animated movie? Gone With the Wind retold with an even-more animated Scarlett O’Hara? Would you like to see an anime Star Wars? This is prospect Vue cinemas and artist Amrit Birdi have sketched out for us with these classic films, redrawn as animated movies.

Some of them are fairly obvious, others need to be scoured for clues. It’s a interesting time in cinema history where anything is possible…

We thought it would be fun to ask you, our fine readers, to take a look below and guess which films Vue have deemed ripe for an animated makeover.

The cinematic experience is one of constant reinvention, Eduardo Leal, Senior Film Content Manager at Vue Entertainment said,

“Though [Disney have] been active in acquiring other brand portfolios (Marvel, LucasFilm, Pixar), remaking their own classic animations into live action (e.g. Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent, Cinderella) is a natural way of updating these franchises to a new generation whilst taking full advantage of the recent advances in make-up and CGI.

This growth in production is fuelled by success, meaning the number of animated films released is only likely to increase in future.”

Which means we’re sure to see more of these in the future, so here are ten films you might be seeing back in a cinema near you soon…

We have updated the images below with the answers – how many did you get?


Movie #1 – Raiders of The Lost Ark

Vue cinemas live action animated film
If you can’t get this then you really do belong in a museum.

Movie #2 – Pirates of the Caribbean

Vue cinemas live action animated film
The more savvy amongst you will easily get this one.

Movie #3 – Lord of the Rings

Vue cinemas live action animated film
An easy one for early on in the test – but shall you pass?

Movie #4 – Jurassic Park

Vue cinemas live action animated film
Don’t worry if you’re stumped, you’ll…uh, find a way.

Movie #5 – Jaws

Vue cinemas live action animated film
I’d say it’s probably safe to jump in with an answer for this one.

Movie #6 – Grease

Vue cinemas live action animated film
Bit of a slippery one this… but it’s still the word that you heard.

Movie #7 – Ghostbusters

Vue cinemas live action animated film
Just outside of the frame – cats and dogs living together.

Movie #8 – Forrest Gump

Vue cinemas live action animated film
Just say the first thing that enters your mind – you never know what you’re going to get…

Movie #9 – E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Vue cinemas live action animated film
An animated take on this boy’s life would be something extra special.

Movie #10 – Back to the Future

Vue cinemas live action animated film
A clue? Where we’re going we don’t need….clues.