The trailer for Tarsem (it’s ok to use my surname now) Singh’s new take on the Snow White fairytale, Mirror, Mirror, has drawn derision from some in the blogosphere, and now fans of another beloved fantasy property may be perturbed to learn of his future plans. The Immortals director has been chatting with The Hollywood Reporter about his ambition to bring a live-action version of famed Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack to the big screen.

The US animated television series (created by animator Genndy Tartakovsky) aired on both Cartoon Network and Toonami from 2001 to 2004 and featured the eponymous hero as a sword-welding warrior attempting to make his way back to the present, having been transported to the future by an evil demon.

A version for the cinema was mooted back in the early noughties but never came to fruition (perhaps the director attached back then, Brett Ratner, ultimately decided animation adaptations were too effeminate?) but it certainly seems like a good visual match for Singh. With Immortals underperforming somewhat on its opening weekend, he may have to wait and see how Mirror, Mirror fares before he swings into action on this.