Tom-Cruise-in-OblivionDid you like the music that featured on the extended Cloud Atlas trailer? Well, if the answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat as “Outro” artists M83 have written the whole soundtrack to Joseph Kosinski’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Oblivion.

From what we can tell from this first taste of the score, M83, with the help of composer Joseph Trapanese (TRON: Legacy, The Raid), have produced a hefty, orchestral soundtrack which, from looking at the track titles, will blend seamlessly into the film’s storyline.

The first track to be released for our listening pleasure is entitled “StarWaves” and comes to us via Rolling Stone and below that you can find the complete tracklisting for the score, helpfully supplied by The Playlist.


Oblivion OST Tracklisting

  • Jack’s Dream (1:22)
  • Waking Up (4:09)
  • Tech 49 (5:58)
  • StarWaves (3:41)
  • Odyssey Rescue (4:08)
  • Earth 2077 (2:22)
  • Losing Control (3:56)
  • Canyon Battle (5:58)
  • Radiation Zone (4:11)
  • You Can’t Save Her (4:56)
  • Raven Rock (4:33)
  • I’m Sending You Away (5:38)
  • Ashes Of Our Fathers (3:30)
  • Temples Of Our Gods (3:14)
  • Fearful Odds (3:09)
  • Undimmed By Time, Unbound By Death (2:26)
  • Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør) (5:57)

So what can we tell from the track titles then? Jack (Cruise) will have some sort of dream, from which he will wake up, followed by some sort of rescue mission – perhaps on Earth?? We can can then expect to see a battle culminating in some sort of radioactive explosion from which he can’t save ‘her’ (Julia?). And then this all leads to some sort of spiritual awakening at which point the film will most likely end. Of course, at this juncture, we can only speculate…

Oblivion will be hitting our screens on 12th April in the UK and 19th April in the US.